SCANDAL=> Media Covers for HILLARY After She Says US Must Reserve “NUCLEAR OPTION” for IRAN

Hillary Clinton spoke today at the annual Brookings Institution’s Saban Forum on relations between the US and Israel.

During her remarks the for Obama Secretary of State told Israelis the US reserved the “NUCLEAR option” with Iran.

Of course, if a Republican said anything like this it would make major international headlines.


Michael Wilner, who was live-tweeting the event made note of the major gaffe by Hillary.

But, Reuters and the rest of the media covered for her.

Via Free Republic:

In her Saban Forum speech today, Hillary Clinton announced that if Iran breaks Obama’s deal that the USA must keep the Nuclear Option on the table.

Justice Breyer interjects, “correcting” her to say that the “Military Option” must remain on the table.

The news media runs only the Breyer version, scrubbing Hillary’s “Nuclear Option” quote…editing her speech to say “Military Option” instead of what she actually uttered.

Reuters covered for Hillary:
hilary nuclear option

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