Mark Steyn: To Average American Donald Trump Doesn’t Sound as Nutty as John Kerry (VIDEO)

Author and columnist Mark Steyn weighed in on Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigrants from the US until we figure our what the hell is going on.

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Steyn told Greta Van Susteren that Trump makes more sense that crazy Secretary of State John Kerry who still believes global warming is an imminent security threat.

By absolving the whole of Islam there is no pressure on moderate Muslims to take action against this poison in their own world. And that’s why it’s entirely natural for someone like Trump to say if Obama says “no Islam,” nothing about Islam is the problem. If Kerry says there’s no Islam to see here, it’s a natural reaction to make Islam the issue. And the fact is that to most of the American people Trump sounds a lot less insane about this than John Kerry standing up in Paris as they’re still washing the streets of blood saying this is nothing to do with Islam. Trump isn’t the one who sounds as nutty as John Kerry.

Via On the Record:


Trump continues to dominate the race for president:
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