Major Progressive PR Firm Shuts Down Abruptly Amid Multiple Allegations of Sexual Assault

Fitzgibbon Media

A public relations firm which represented some of the biggest progressive groups in the country shut down Thursday due to multiple allegations of sexual assault from employees.

The Huffington Post reported:

The Disturbing Story Of Widespread Sexual Assault Allegations At A Major Progressive PR Firm

FitzGibbon Media, a prominent progressive public relations firm, abruptly shut down on Thursday amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault by the company’s president.

Trevor FitzGibbon and his team worked with some of the biggest progressive organizations, including NARAL, MoveOn, the Center for American Progress and the AFL-CIO, as well as Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning and The Intercept. The company sponsored an event with The Huffington Post earlier this year.

Multiple female employees came forward with accusations of sexual harassment and assault against FitzGibbon, according to employees who spoke with The Huffington Post.

A joint statement from former FitzGibbon media staffers Thursday evening confirmed HuffPost’s report from earlier in the day.

“The team that comprised FitzGibbon Media is incredibly sad and disappointed to confirm that allegations have been made against Trevor FitzGibbon, FitzGibbon Media founder and President, for sexual assault and harassment of multiple female staffers,” the statement said. “Staffers reported over a half dozen incidents of sexual harassment and at least two involving sexual assault committed by Trevor FitzGibbon against his own employees.”

One has to wonder if this firm had anything to do with the left’s claims of a Republican war on women.



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