Maine Vice Principal Apologizes For Calling “White Christian Men” the Real Terrorists (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Piet Lammert

A vice principal for a public school in Maine was forced to apologize for comments he made on Facebook, accusing white Christian men with guns of being terrorists.

Piet post

WGME News in Maine reports:

Vice principal apologizes for comments made on Facebook

The vice principal of Camden Hills Regional High School apologized for a controversial comment posted on his personal Facebook page about the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting.

The post has been removed, but the community is still talking about it.

The superintendent of the school system, Maria Libby, says the comment made by Piet Lammert is not indicative of the person or administrator he is. Still, the community says his post was just inappropriate.

On Saturday, Piet Lammert posted this on his Facebook page: “The only terrorists we need to fear are domestic white ‘Christian’ men with easy access to guns.”

“I know Piet and he’s someone who genuinely accepts all people,” Libby said. “The post does not reflect who he is as a person.”

The superintendent says she knows Lammert well and says the post was an error in judgement.

“It was a mistake,” Libby said. “It was a poor choice in words and it should never have been posted.”

Here’s a video report:

If he loses his job, he can probably find work at He’d fit right in.


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