Loudmouth Charles Barkley Trashes Trump and “Loser” Followers (Video)

Charles Barkley attacked Donald Trump during TNT’s “Inside the NBA” sports program on Friday.

** Liberals recently infiltrated the sports world and frequently trash Republicans on sports programs these days. Republican party elites still have not noticed.

Barkley accused Trump of promoting a “divide and conquer” strategy.
(Pardon us, Sir Charles… But have you ever heard of Barack Obama?)

Barkley also trashed the millions of Trump supporters.
Via Daily Caller:

Charles Barkley tore into Donald Trump and the Republican Party for trying to “divide and conquer” early Friday morning on TNT’s “Inside the NBA.”

Barkley — who “has always voted Democrat in [his] life” — said it has been “insulting” to watch Trump and the other Republican candidates’ “poll numbers go up” while continuing to insult Muslims and Hispanics.

“This Donald Trump thing has been fascinating, sad, funny,” Barkley said. “It’s all over the place. He started out insulting the Hispanics. Living in Arizona, I think the Hispanics are an amazing people. To lump all Hispanics together, that was insulting. To lump all of the Muslims together, that’s even more insulting.

“To try to divide and conquer — which is what the Republicans always do — it’s just sad. It really it is. I feel bad, just to insult people, and then you got these losers who love that, because they’re afraid to look in the mirror and see why they life suck. So they have to blame other people. Your life sucks for a reason: because of you, not because of Hispanics. Do we have to do something about the extremists? Of course we do, but it’s been sad to watch every time he insults people, and his poll numbers go up.”

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