Liberals Petition Singer Adele to Redistribute Her Wealth Due to White Privilege


A petition has been launched at urging the pop singer Adele to redistribute her wealth claiming that she’s only successful because she’s white.

Katherine Timpf reports at National Review:

Petition Demands Adele Admit She’s Successful Only Because She’s White, and Insists She Give Away Her Money

A petition addressed to Adele, President Obama, and Billboard on demands that the singer admit that she has “little talent” and is succeeding mainly because of her white privilege.

“Adele sold over 3.38 million copies of her album ‘25′ and the media is praising her as if Adele’s success has everything to do with talent,” reads the petition, written by Rhianna Jones.

“Rather, it’s her white privilege that has put her on top,” it declares.

The petitioners also “demand that Adele donates her money to African-American causes such as #Blacklivesmatter.”

It’s not clear why exactly the petition is also addressed to President Obama — perhaps Ms. Jones is outraged that the leader of the free world hasn’t pushed the less important issues like ISIS aside to deal with the more serious ones like a singer’s being white and successful at the same time. (I mean, would an executive order requiring Adele to admit she is only successful because she is white and give away her money to people who are not white in order to stay in the country really be too much to ask?)

This is what progressives actually think.


Your success is responsible for other people’s failure, so pay up.


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