Liberal Media and Democrats Lie About George W. Bush=> Who Frequently Used Term “Radical Islam”

The liberal media and Democrat Party leaders – including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, John F. Kerry, etc. – are, once again, rewriting history to support their lunacy.

Democrat leaders are afraid to use the term “radical Islam” and are using George W. Bush in their defense. The liberal media has posted several articles trying to make the point that the Democrats today are just like George W. Bush.

Here is today’s headline by Josh Lederman from the Associated Press–
“On Muslims, Democrats find unlikely ally: George W. Bush”
muslims bush obama

Of course, this is a bald-faced lie.

George W. Bush frequently used the term “radical Islam” something Obama and Hillary refuse to do.

George W. Bush used the term “Radical Islam” at least three times in his 2006 State of the Union Address.

George W. Bush also used the term Islamofascism to describe America’s enemy in the War on Terror.
Barack Obama dropped both of these terms when he came into office.

Barack Obama banned the terms “Islamic extremism” and “jihad” from the National Security Strategy in 2010.

Barack Hussein Obama scrapped the use of the term “War on Terror” and replaced it with “overseas contingency operation” in 2009.

Sorry liberals, this lunacy with politically correct terms started with crazy Barack Obama – not George W. Bush.

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