Liberal Historian FAWNS Over Hillary Clinton’s AMAZING CONFIDENCE (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton is the new Barack Obama for liberals in media who are looking for someone new to worship.

Newsbusters reports:

Liberal historian and former Johnson administration staffer Doris Kearns Goodwin was on Sunday’s Meet the Press panel and to the shock of no one, sang the praises of Hillary Clinton by proclaiming how she projected an “amazing…internal confidence” in the debate and has become “a better candidate now than she was six months ago” and from 2008.

Before uttering her fawning praise for Clinton, moderator Chuck Todd originally posed this question to Kearns Goodwin concerning the debate performance of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders: “But did you hear anything from Bernie Sanders that says ‘okay, he can take her?’”

Why didn’t Doris just use the old Chris Matthews ‘thrill up the leg’ phrase to describe her admiration for Hillary?


Image: (Newsbusters)

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