Liberal Guest On FOX Speechless When Asked If BILL CLINTON HAS ABUSED WOMEN (VIDEO)

Leslie Marshall

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, guest host Jesse Watters asked liberal commentator Leslie Marshall if Bill Clinton has abused women. She paused for several seconds before she could answer.

From the FOX Nation:

Guest Speechless After Jesse Watters Asks: ‘Has Ex-President Bill Clinton Abused Women?’

Jesse Watters, guest-hosting “The O’Reilly Factor,” asked Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall whether or not former President Bill Clinton has “abused” women but she was left speechless before she was able to give an answer.

“I think your silence says a lot,” Watters said.

But Marshall shot back, “No. I wanted to be very clear because I wanted to think about Monica – although consensual, she was young. I wouldn’t say abuse – taken advantage of? Yes. Abused? No.”

Watch the video, the fun begins at the 1:25 mark.


Tell us again how Donald Trump is a sexist, Hillary supporters.


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