UPDATE: The Secret Service told The Gateway Pundit the agency is investigating the threats to Trump made in the videos.

A video posted to the You Tube account of Ebou Bah shows a Black male Muslim holding a knife in each hand threatening to attack leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over Trump’s statement calling for a national security moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States.

Ebou Bah You Tube
Image via You Tube.

The man in the video, who appears to be in his twenties, speaks with in accented English and is highly agitated. He is in ‘fighting shape’ with well developed biceps and is wearing a green camouflage Nike shirt. The man waves the knives around as he threatens to circumcise Trump.


The video is entitled “Trump calls for ‘complete shutdown’ on Muslims entering US” and was posted December 7.

H/t Robert Spencer

A new video posted Wednesday evening to the Ebou Bah You Tube account contains a threat by the same man seen in the previous video saying he will put a “Russian rocket” up Trump’s rear end. The man also repeats the threat to circumcise Trump.

The new video is entitled, “Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban need to go now”

Trump recently was given protection by the Secret Service. He has been the subject of death threats shortly after he announced his candidacy earlier this year.

MORE: Infowars posted a link to a video of the man wielding a gun threatening people who say ISIS is Islam.

This video was posted November 21 and is entitled, “Mention one more time isis is Islam”.

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