Judge Napolitano: ‘Not Unlikely’ Weapons Hillary Sold Islamists Were Used to Kill Ambassador Stevens (Video)

Judge Napolitano told America’s Newsroom this morning the weapons Hillary sold Qatar in a secret deal and then redistributed to Islamists in Syria may have been used to kill Ambassador Chris Stevens.
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Judge Napolitano:

In order to bring about that destabilization, she succeeded in Egypt. She succeeded in Libya. She failed in Syria. She as the Secretary of State authorized the sale of American military equipment to Qatar. Qatar, a little tiny country, beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood? What business would the United States have arming Qatar? Ah, Qatar was going to deliver those arms to and did to rebel groups. Some of the rebel groups were Al-Qaeda. So she is responsible for getting, Trump’s allegation is born out by email in the public domain which I have seen, which anybody can see, American heavy duty, military equipment, into some of America’s deadliest enemies. That’s a felony, providing material assistance to a terrorist organization, and as a result people died. It is not unlikely that Ambassador Stevens himself was killed with one of those weapons.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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