Jordanian Tries to Open Door on Lufthansa Flight so Passengers Can Meet Allah

A Jordanian man with a US passport kept changing seats, then started messing with the exit door.
He was arrested before he could take the passengers to meet Allah.

Reuters reported:

A Jordanian-American male passenger was restrained by crew members on a Belgrade-bound Lufthansa flight on Sunday after fumbling with the emergency exit door, a spokesman for the German carrier said.

The man, a Jordanian with a United States passport, kept changing seats after takeoff and started tampering with the emergency exit door about one hour into the flight from Frankfurt, the spokesman said.

But crew members and passengers managed to restrain him and the man kept calm for the rest of the flight, he said.

“There was no threat to the safety of the flight,” the spokesman said, adding that the man was arrested by Serbian police after the LH 1406 service landed on time in Belgrade.

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