“It’s Mind-Boggling” – Obama and Liberal Media COMPLETELY BAFFLED as to Motive of San Bernardino Terrorists (VIDEO)

It’s mind-boggling!
The Obama Administration and liberal media were completely baffled this week after two Muslims, Syed Farook and his bride Tashfeen Malik, gunned down 14 Americans in cold blood.

After assuring the American public last week that ISIS was contained and that there were no known plots on the homeland, the ISIS-linked couple slaughtered 14 at a California Christmas party.

It took two days for the Obama administration to admit that this was Islamic terrorism.


isalm attorney peaceful

The administration’s response was to threaten prosecution against Americans who used extreme anti-Muslim speech.

It must have been global warming.
Via Vlad Tepes:

There have been over 27,000 deadly Islamic attacks since the 9-11 attacks on America.

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