IT’S COME TO THIS: Democrats Now Trying to Hide Endorsements From Obama


Back in 2008, Democrats and their media allies were sure that Obama was ushering in a reign of Democratic Party dominance which would last for generations.

Today, Democrats running for office don’t even want to be associated with him.

Bob Price reports at Breitbart:


Democrats Busted in Effort to Hide Obama Endorsement in Houston Mayoral Runoff

HOUSTON, Texas – Late Friday afternoon, the campaign for Democrat Sylvester Turner sheepishly announced the endorsement of his candidacy by President Barack Obama after an email was leaked earlier in the day. The email informed a Texas Congresswoman that the endorsement would be kept quiet “so as not to get more Republicans energized to come out.”

The last minute endorsement by the president came as Turner and his runoff opponent, conservative candidate Bill King are coming down to the wire in an election that experts claim is too close to call.

The email was leaked after someone allegedly hacked the email account of Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. The leaked message was sent from political strategist Grant Martin with Storefront Political Media, according to Sue Davis, spokesperson for the Turner campaign.

While she said they were proud to announce the endorsement by the president and were just holding it “for a big announcement,” the leaked email paints a different picture.

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Funny how things change, huh?

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