It Should Be Clear By Now That @FOXNews Hates Trump and Hates Its Viewers – Thanks For Showing True Face

It should be clear by now to everyone that FOX News and Roger Ailes hate Donald Trump.
It’s not a secret.
fox news

The Beltway pundits and GOP elites go on the channel day after day and bash the GOP front-runner.

If you turn on the channel for more than 15 minutes FOX will air at least one Trump-bashing segment.


FOX News was once considered the “conservative” cable news channel. But that was a farce. FOX News is a channel consumed with Trump hatred. It frequently will hold a discussion segment with two Trump haters, a Democrat and a Republican insider, who both bash Trump.

“Fair and Balanced” is a joke.

We get it, FOX. You hate Donald Trump and you detest his supporters. Thanks for showing your true self.
We get it.

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