It Begins… Donald Trump-Hitler Posters Spotted in Atlanta

Two days after businessman Donald Trump proposed a pause to Muslim immigration to the US, Trump-Hitler posters were seen on the streets of Atlanta.
trump hitler

GOP elites and Democrats were appalled with Donald Trump’s immigration proposal.
66% of GOP voters support Trump’s plan.

** Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from the US and deported Iranian students during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.


CBS Local reported:

Large cartoon depictions of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s face — drawn with a toothbrush-style mustache similar to Hitler’s and centered over a swastika — were pasted to structures along at least two Atlanta streets, reports CBS affiliate WGCL.

The images were reported in at least two locations where they could be seen by large numbers of drivers. In each case, they are plastered on columns beneath overpasses.

One was removed by police, and an officer at the second location told WGCL it is waiting for an investigator to take fingerprints before he scrapes the poster off.

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