HUNDREDS OF MIGRANTS Arriving in Norway Were Carrying Images of Executions, ISIS Flags, Severed Heads on Phones

HUNDREDS of migrants entering Norway were found carrying images of beheadings, executions and dead children on the cellphones.
norway migrants
Norway increased aid to Syrian refugees in the spring. (AFP/Mahmud)

This year’s autumn surge of refugees so overwhelmed Norway’s Police Immigration Service (PU) that they could no longer properly vet asylum seekers. Up to 13,000 of the new arrivals only received cursory checks.

Norway, a country of 5.2 million is expected to receive up to 35,000 migrants this year. Over 8,500 migrants sought asylum to Norway in October.


Daily Mail reported:

Hundreds of asylum-seekers entering Norway were discovered to have images of ‘executions’ and ‘severed heads’ on their mobile phones.

The revelation comes amid heightened fears that ISIS is exploiting the migrant crisis to smuggle fighters into Europe, following last month’s attacks in Paris.

Police admitted that the ‘explosion’ of refugees crossing into the country over the summer and in recent months meant that security checks were less thorough than required, and weren’t checking the background of those entering the country.

The Police Immigration Service (PU) in Norway has been forced to work overtime and under severe pressure due to the massive numbers of asylum-seekers hoping to take refuge in the country.

But after searching belongings and mobile phones belonging to refugees and migrants crossing the border, police discovered ‘hundreds’ of examples of ‘photos and videos of executions and brutal punishments, such as images of people holding up severed heads or hands’.

They also reportedly found photographs of dead children and other victims of war, crimes and terrorism.

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