Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley Race to Politicize San Bernardino Mass Shooting (Update: Sanders, too)

Without knowing the most basic facts of the cause of the attack, two of the three Democratic Party presidential candidates rushed to politicize the mass shooting in San Bernardino on Wednesday afternoon even as the situation was not resolved with the shooter(s) on the loose and police investigating a possible bomb.

San Bernardino Twitter
Image via Twitter.

O’Malley, trailing badly in the polls to front runner Clinton, beat Clinton by almost an hour with his statement. As of 3:30 p.m. EST Bernie Sanders had not posted a statement to Twitter on the shooting.


Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley posted statement to Twitter.

“I refuse to accept this as normal. We must take action to stop gun violence now. -H”

“Horrifying news out of #SanBernardino. Enough is enough: it’s time to stand up to the @NRA and enact meaningful gun safety laws”

UPDATE: Bernie Sanders posted a statement at 4:08 p.m. EST.

“Mass shootings are becoming an almost-everyday occurrence in this country. This sickening and senseless gun violence must stop.”

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