Hillary Clinton Attends Fundraiser Hosted By Investor Of SCANDAL PLAGUED SOLYNDRA


Remember Solyndra? It’s the green energy company which basically scammed taxpayers out of millions of dollars with help from the Obama administration.

No wonder Hillary Clinton isn’t afraid to be associated with them.

The American Thinker reported:

Solyndra investor who made out like a bandit to host Hillary fundraiser

On Friday, Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser hosted by George Kaiser, a noted businessman and philanthropist who was a major bundler for President Obama in 2008.

He is also the founder of Argonaut Private Equity, a hedge fund that poured $270 million into the now bankrupt solar company Solyndra. In 2009, Solyndra received more than half a billion dollars in taxpayer guaranteed loans. When the company went belly up in 2011, Kaiser and other investors were given a soft landing when they were guaranteed certain tax breaks that would kick in if Solyndra went bankrupt.

Kaiser is a curious choice to hold a fundraiser for Clinton, given her recent proposals to reign in the kind of crony capitalism exposed in the Solyndra mess, and other renewable energy company deals.

Maybe when the media is finished cheering for the Paris climate change agreement they could look into this.



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