HILARIOUS: Watch MSNBC’s Worst Moments of 2015 (VIDEO)

2015 MSNBC Worst Moments

The far-left “news” network MSNBC had a rough year in 2015. In addition to getting repeatedly crushed by FOX News in the ratings, their hosts embarrassed themselves with countless gaffes.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The Worst of MSNBC in 2015

Give MSNBC credit: The network’s higher-ups realized the channel was in drastic need of a change in 2015.

Five shows were canceled. Daytime programming was dramatically altered to focus on hard news instead of light-weight liberal commentary.

But true to its ultra-progressive nature, MSNBC still had another bizarre year, from Melissa Harris-Perry decrying the term “hard worker” because it demeaned slaves to a panelist suggesting Bobby Jindal was trying to appease conservatives and “scrub the brown off his skin.”

The network gives Hillary Clinton a tougher time than it ever has President Obama, but with a presidential election around the corner, defenses still had to be mounted. Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski publicly grumbled about Clinton’s struggling candidacy in the wake of her private email scandal, saying she was frustrated with Clinton potentially missing an opportunity to make history, and Joy Reid wondered whether the emails on Clinton’s unsecured server were safer than they would have been in a government system, saying, “I don’t even understand it.”

Watch the video:


As we head into the 2016 election, MSNBC will undoubtedly provide more comedy disguised as journalism.


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