Government Now Asking Gay Men To Post Gym Seflies TO PROMOTE OBAMACARE

Two men training in crossfit gym

In case you didn’t think the federal government had gone completely off the rails, this story should reassure you that it absolutely has.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The Department of Health and Human Services is partnering with an advocacy organization that is asking gay men to send selfies from the gym to promote Obamacare.

The agency announced Tuesday it was joining with several lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender groups to encourage the LGBT community to enroll.

“As part of LGBT Week of Action from Dec. 7 – 11, Out2Enroll and other organizations will hold enrollment activities and provide in-person assistance across the country,” the department said. “Additionally, partners will leverage social media campaigns to ask their members and affiliates to sign up for an affordable health plan for 2016 through the Health Insurance Marketplace.”

One social media campaign started by the agency’s main partner, “Out2Enroll,” is #HealthySelfie.

Where’s the outrage from the left about how government is using gay people to promote an agenda?


Image: (Huffington Post)

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