GERMANY Is Searching for Migrants Who Entered Country Using Same Passports as Paris Terrorists

** Germany is searching for migrants who entered country using same passport as Paris terrorists
** Germany welcomed nearly a million third world migrants this year
** German officials do not even take fingerprints of arriving asylum-seekers

At least two of the Paris terrorists entered the EU as migrants this year.

One of the terrorists was carrying a Syrian passport when he entered Greece on Leros Island.
The passport was found on the terrorist who blew himself up outside the soccer stadium.


Serbian police reported in November eight different migrants entered Europe this year using the same fake passport as one of the Paris suicide bombers.

Paris officials found this passport on the body of a dead ISIS suicide bomber Ahmad Almohammad.
amad nadrh
The migrant passports had the same name, date of birth and place of birth as the Paris terrorist.
Only the photos were different.

Germany is now searching for twelve people who entered the country using the same fake Syrian passport. reported:

Search for migrants using stolen passports reportedly under way as official figures show migration to Europe in 2015 surpasses US record for European migrants set back in 1907.

German authorities are reportedly searching for 12 people who entered the country illegally as refugees using fake Syrian passports and then disappeared.

The migrants are believed to have entered Germany using stolen passports from the same source as those used by two of the Paris attackers, Bild newspaper claimed.

The passports are believed to have been looted by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) when it captured the city of Raqqa in 2013.

The report comes a week after two men were arrested at a refugee shelter in Austria on suspicion of links to the Paris attacks. They had reportedly entered Austria using false Syrian passports at the same time as the Paris attackers.

The authorities have since lost track of the 12 migrants – who entered before the Paris attacks – because of serious shortcomings with the process for registering refugees.

Some 250,000 unregistered asylum-seekers are believed to be in the country because of a system that allows them to enter without registering.

Asylum-seekers are expected to register after their arrival in the country, but overburdened refugee offices mean many are left waiting for weeks or have to be taken hundreds of miles by bus to be registered in different cities.

Thousands are disappearing after entering the country and never registering. Border officials do not even take fingerprints of arriving asylum-seekers, it has emerged.

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