Gasbag Michael Moore Urges His Facebook Followers to Report Donald Trump For HATE SPEECH

Guest post by Aleister

Michael Moore

Left wing filmmaker and activist Michael Moore is trying to use his influence on social media to silence Donald Trump by accusing him of using hate speech. This is what progressives do when they have no argument.

Kipp Jones reports at Breitbart:

Michael Moore Recruits Facebook Followers to Report Trump for ‘Hate Speech’

Leftwing filmmaker Michael Moore is asking his followers to report Donald Trump for using “hate speech” on Facebook, in hopes of getting the GOP frontrunner banned from the social media site.

“Facebook prohibits all its users from using hate speech on its site (‘You will not post content that is hate speech’),” wrote Moore in a detailed post on Wednesday. “I’m joining others today in filing a complaint with Facebook that Trump’s Facebook page is using hate speech to promote racism and bigotry.”

Moore added: “Please file your complaint, too. Here’s how: Go to Trump’s page Click ‘Report’. Then click ‘It shouldn’t be on FB’. Then click ‘Hate Speech’. Then click either ‘race or ethnicity’ or ‘religious group’. That’s it. Let’s get a few million doing this by the end of the day!”

The New York Daily News reported this week that despite an online campaign to censor Trump, his posts are protected under Facebook’s community standards:

Facebook’s policy does highlight that any hate speech content attacking people on their race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or national origin will be removed. However, Trump’s posts could potentially be protected by another rule under Facebook’s community standards: “Facebook can be used to challenge ideas, institutions, and practices. Such discussion can promote debate and greater understanding.

Maybe Moore should go back to college.

Anti-free speech activists are popular on campus these days.


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