Former Chief of Staff For Obama Admits There’s NO WAY BERNIE SANDERS WILL WIN

Desperate Democrats are beginning to realize that even though the cool kids like grandpa Bernie, they’re stuck with grandma Clinton.

Here’s Obama’s former White House chief of staff, Bill Daley, writing at Politico:

Why Bernie Sanders Can’t Win

Populism can certainly build crowds and sell hats, but can it deliver electoral victories? We’ll leave the GOP to its intramural squabble. We’re focused on whether it could build Democrats majorities up and down the ballot.

We think the answer is “no.” Over the past few years, Third Way has conducted a number of polls, including one covering 1,500 voters, held 15 focus groups with moderate and liberal voters in blue and purple states, and pored over hundreds of public polls and Census demographic figures.

Our findings show that Sanders-style populism actually misdiagnoses voter sentiment in this unique American moment. Whatever you think about left-wing populism as a serious governing agenda—and we have real doubts about that as well—as a political strategy it is doomed to fail. Understanding why isn’t just an explanation of why Bernie Sanders is going to come up short; it’s crucial to crafting a message and agenda with which Democrats can win sustained majorities.

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The truth is that Bernie Sanders is too extreme for most people.

Progressives have fooled themselves into believing most Americans agree with them.

They don’t.

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