Trump Goes There=> Hillary Does Not Have the Strength or Stamina to Be President (Video)

Donald Trump slammed tired Hillary today on Media Buzz.
trump strength hillary stamina

Howard Kurtz: Again and again you said Hillary Clinton does not have the strength and the stamina to be president. You’re 69. She’s 68. Are you suggesting she’s frail?

Donald Trump: I’m suggesting she does not have the strength or the stamina. She goes out and she sees you guys for about ten minutes. She sees you for a little while. It’s all rehearsed and staged. They pick a couple of people out of the audience that are like 100% (supporters). She’ll sit around a little plastic table and talk to the people a little while. It’s ridiculous. And then she goes away for five or six days. You don’t see her. She goes to sleep.

Via Media Buzz:

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