OF COURSE: Democrats To Hide Another Debate ON A SATURDAY NIGHT

2016 Democratic Candidates

Democrats want as few people as possible to watch their debates. It’s a strategy which is intended to protect Hillary Clinton and it’s so obvious that even liberal journalists must admit it.

Frank Bruni writes:

Lack of Democratic debates intentional

For all their flaws and fakery, the Republican candidates have squared off frequently, at convenient hours and despite the menacing nimbus of Donald Trump’s hair; the Democratic candidates have, in contrast, hidden in a closet.

Tuesday night’s meeting of Republicans was the fifth. The meeting of Democratic presidential candidates in a few days will be only the third.

And who’s going to watch it? It’s on a Saturday night, when a political debate ranks somewhere between dialysis and a Milli Vanilli tribute concert as a desirable way to unwind.

The previous meeting of the Democratic candidates was also on a Saturday night, and fewer than 9 million viewers tuned in, down from 15.3 million for the sole Democratic debate so far on a weeknight. All of the Republican debates have been on weeknights; the first two attracted more than 23 million viewers each.

In fact none of the first four Republican debates had an audience of less than 13.5 million. The fifth debate averaged 18 million viewers.

We all know journalists like this will vote for Hillary anyway, but it’s fun to watch them point out the Democrats’ hypocrisy and weakness.

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