Confirmed: American Left Has Resorted to Nazi Brown Shirt Tactics to Take Down Donald Trump

nazi youth
Hitler inspects the Senior Hitler Youth

On Monday night thousands of supporters turned out to see and hear Donald Trump at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
At one point the camera panned the enormous and enthusiastic crowd at Trump’s request.

Unfortunately Trump’s speech was interrupted no less than seven times by protesters planted in different sections in the arena. At one point, after the fifth or sixth Donald Trump asked the crowd, “Why don’t we do this? Especially after what Obama and Democrats have done to us.”

The answer to that question of course, is that conservatives DON’T do this. Conservatives don’t disrupt liberals during their campaign stops.

This is a protest tactic used only by the left. Today’s American left borrowed this repulsive tactic directly from the Nazis in Germany. It was modeled after Nazi Brown Shirt actions prior to World War II.

code pink condi
A far left Code Pink protester attacks Condi Rice at a Congressional hearing in 2007.

Hilmar Von Campe, a former Nazi youth, was interviewed on Hannity years ago and described how today’s leftist youths shut down their opposition though bullying tactics and violent interactions. The Nazi youth of yesterday would shut down opposition rallies. Today intolerant leftists use these same violent acts to shut down conservative speech in America. Whether it’s Code Pink, Bernie Sanders supporters, or Black Lives Matter goons, they all use Nazi tactics to silence their opposition.

Hitler would be proud.

Author, speech writer and columnist Peggy Noonan wrote about these thuggish leftist tactics in The Wall Street Journal back in 2006.

What is most missing from the left in America is an element of grace — of civic grace, democratic grace, the kind that assumes disagreements are part of the fabric, but we can make the fabric hold together. The Democratic Party hasn’t had enough of this kind of thing since Bobby Kennedy died. What also seems missing is the courage to ask a question. Conservatives these days are asking themselves very many questions, but I wonder if the left could tolerate asking itself even a few. Such as: Why are we producing so many adherents who defy the old liberal virtues of free and open inquiry, free and open speech? Why are we producing so many bullies? And dim dullard ones, at that.

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