Chinese Communist Police Shoot Unarmed Protesters For Protesting TOO LONG!

Chinese Police

With the growing fight over gun rights in America, stories demonstrating the importance of the 2nd Amendment are necessary to counter the anti-gun lunacy of the left. Sadly, thanks to totalitarian, Progressive nations like Communist China, those stories are not in short supply.

Radio free Asia is reporting that on Thursday in the city of Linyi in the Shandong province peaceful cab drivers who were protesting the loss of business to unlicensed cabbies were shot by police because the protesters had been protesting too long:

Police in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong opened fire on protesting taxi drivers after thousands of them took to the streets in protest over unlicensed cabs in Linyi city, protesters told RFA on Friday.

“She had gunshot wounds in both legs, one of which was very serious,” the sister of one taxi driver hit by police gunfire told RFA from the hospital.

The 43-year-old taxi-driver, surnamed Yang, had turned her head to investigate the source of the gunshots, and looked down to discover blood pouring from her legs, her sister said.

“There was a big hole in her leg; she was injured in three different places,” Yang’s sister said. “The bullets ripped through her blood vessels and tendons, and some stayed embedded there.”

The shots rang out as armed riot police faced off with some 3,000 angry taxi drivers on Tuesday in a protest against unlicensed cabs booked with WeChat’s Didi app stealing their business, which had lasted for several days in downtown Linyi, protesters said.

Unconfirmed reports said the police had explained the gunshots as a “misfire.”

“If they didn’t take guns to the scene, then they couldn’t misfire, could they,” taxi driver Lu Qiumei told RFA. “Personally, I don’t believe this weapon was accidentally discharged.”

A fellow taxi driver surnamed Liang said the protesters had already gathered several times outside the Linyi municipal government buildings in protest at their loss of business.

“We didn’t do anything to escalate the situation,” Liang said. “We weren’t carrying any weapons, but the police fired on us using anti-terrorism guns with lead bullets, not plastic bullets.”

“Later, the city authorities told us that this was because we had engaged in extreme activities by demonstrating for such a long time,” he said.”

Gee, imagine that. A totalitarian, Progressive government willing to shoot its own citizens all because they have been protesting too long.


And yet there are still anti-gun nut jobs who wonder why Americans have and protect the 2nd Amendment.

Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid.

(Image: DossierTibet)

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