Commies and Muslims Protest Donald Trump and Jews in NYC – Chant “Allahu Akbar” Outside Trump Towers (Video)

New York Muslims held a prayer protest outside Trump Towers in New York City on December 20,2015.

The Muslims chanted “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greater than your God) and prayed on the street.

The Muslims and Communists also protested the Zionist pigs.
trump protest nyc


Audio picks up with the prayers. Trump Towers. Fifth Avenue and 56th st. A coalition of Communist led and fed student, Muslim, “anti-war”, pro-ILLEGAL trespassers and “anti-racist” aka RACIST groups and ANTI- Police. They held this raucous demonstration Dec 20, 2015. Having the Muslim participants make a pointed claim that they gathered to oppose the “racism” (Islam is not a race) promoted by Trump’s campaign. It all started at 2 pm at Trump Tower and then, at 4 pm, marched this unsavory group to Fox News and CNN. shouting pithy slogans like: NO TO “RACISM”, NO TO TRUMP AND HIS MEDIA MEGAPHONE, NO TO HATERY.

More pictures and video posted here.

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