College Student Suspended for 6 Months for Saying Black Women “Not Hot”

Thaddeus Pryor was suspended for six months after saying black women are not hot on YikYak. The offensive comment was posted on a night where the Yik Yak conversation on campus was centered around the #BlackLivesMatter mob movement.

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Pryor made the comments after crass comments were posted about white students calling them “dirty hippies with small dicks” who are “always f*cking their cousins.”

Of course, the anti-white comments were ignored by the college officials.
Black Privilege.
The College Fix reported:

Saying that black women are “not hot” got a Colorado College student suspended for six months – appealed down from 21.

The sanction against Thaddeus Pryor was not the only action the school took against offensive comments posted Nov. 9 on the anonymous social-media app Yik Yak: His friend Lou Henriques was expelled.

Their jokes took place on a night where the Yik Yak conversation on campus was centered around the theme #BlackLivesMatter.

What started off as raising awareness quickly became “mud slinging,” Pryor told The College Fix in a phone interview. When someone wrote “#blackwomenmatter,” Pryor said he joined in, anonymously replying, “They matter, they’re just not hot.”

Pryor immediately regretted his crass remark. “I was ashamed, because some people were clearly upset” over the post, Pryor said. “So I deleted it.”

But when Pryor walked through the student center the next day, he learned his comment did not go unnoticed.

Publicly shamed, then framed

“Some people screenshotted the most racial things said [from Yik Yak that night], and they blew them up onto banners and hung them up in the student center in front of the dean’s office,” Pryor said…

The “entire situation” on Yik Yak Nov. 9 actually began with crass comments targeting white students, calling them “dirty hippies with small dicks” who are “always fucking their cousins,” then moving on to mocking Muslims and even “Smurfs,” Pryor wrote.

He warned Edmonds to consider the precedent the school is setting with its “harsh and immediate” suspension for one crass post, asking the dean whether that will “encourage or discourage conversations on campus” concerning an “entire body of ideas.”

Edmonds responded Dec. 3 that he wouldn’t change the sanction – because Pryor “accepted responsibility for the comment,” singular – but he would end the suspension May 16, so the punishment would serve the educational purpose Pryor asked for.

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