Chicago Youth Protest Leader Demands City DEFUND POLICE DEPARTMENT (VIDEO)

Chicago Youth Leader

Protesters in Chicago have been calling for the resignation of mayor Rahm Emanuel but that’s only one of their goals, according to a leader of the youth protest group.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Chicago Youth Protest Leader Calls for City’s Police Department to be Defunded

A youth leader of the protest movement in Chicago that was triggered by the police shooting of a black teenager in 2014 wants to address what she views as systemic discrimination within local law enforcement by defunding the city’s police department and allocating that money “to fund black futures.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports with guest host Peter Alexander, Breanna Champion of the Black Youth Project called it “unacceptable” that police receive 40 percent of the city’s budget.

“One of our major demands is that police be defunded and that that money used to fund police be used to fund black futures, and be used to fund our communities and things that we need,” Champion said.

Watch the video:


Does anyone believe there would be less violent crime in Chicago if there were no cops?


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