Charles Hurt: No One Should Be Surprised at Support for Trump, Nor His Remarks (Video)

Charles Hurt joined the All-star Panel on Special Report on Tuesday.
hurt trump

Charles Hurt told the panel Americans should not be surprised by the support for Trump nor should they be surprised at Trump’s comments after seven years of Obama’s pompous lecturing and failures.

Shannon, I’m kind of amazed that so many people are surprised by the remarks by Donald Trump. We’ve had seven years of a president who has not taken Islamic radicalism seriously. We’ve had seven years of a president who has not taken border security seriously. And, we’ve had seven years of people getting brow-beaten for being bigots and being racists because they’re concerned about things like radical Islamic terrorism. And when you have an environment like this, you cannot be surprised that especially someone who is tuned in to what the American public thinks and feels at a guttural level, you can’t be surprised when he comes out and says something like this, which is obviously highly politically incorrect, but for a lot of people sitting out there across America, they hear this plan that we are going to ban all Muslims until we find out what the hell is going on here, a lot of people heard that and said, yeah it’s about time we did something about this.

Via Special Report:


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