Socialist Green Activist Unhappy With UN Climate Agreement For Not Going Far Enough (VIDEO)


While President Obama and John Kerry are celebrating the signing of the recent United Nations Paris Climate COP 21 agreement, Progressive Climate activists are already calling it a sham.

Naomi Klein, Canadian Author, Socialist, and Climate activist who met with the Pope this year to discuss how to fight Climate Change, is not only already pointing out that the COP 21 agreement is non-binding and therefore not legally enforceable, but during a protest on Saturday after the signing of the COP 21 agreement she stated that this agreement is so weak, as it pertains to fighting man-made Climate Change, that it means world leaders are willing to set the world on fire:

Our leaders have shown themselves willing to set our world on fire and we will not let that happen.  Our mood today is not one of despair but rather a clarifying sense of commitment and purpose.  We knew that these were not the real leaders.  We knew that the leaders were in the streets, that the leaders were in the fields, that this city is filled with climate heroes.

Despite their beautiful words, our leaders remained trapped in a broken system and a crashing worldview based on dominance of people and the planet and that worldview simply does not allow them to align their words, their goals, with their actions.

And so the gap is increased between the rhetoric and the goal of safety and the reality of the epic danger they are allowing to unfold.  And the gap is increased between the expressions of solidarity with the most vulnerable and the reality of those leaders consistently putting the interests of the rich and powerful before the interests of the vulnerable, and indeed the interests of all humanity.

Our leaders have none of the courage that it takes to stand up to the corporate interests that are responsible for this crisis.  They can’t even say the words “fossil fuels” in this text.  So it is up to us to do what they so clearly refuse to do, which is to stand up to the polluters and make them pay.”

While any U.N. global agreement adopted by the Obama administration is disturbing to contemplate, it’s nice to know that this particular Climate agreement is not only not legally binding (which means the next President can throw it on the rubbish pile where it belongs) but that it’s not as Progressively radical as it could have been. Which is why Progressive nut jobs like Naomi Klein, and other radical Climate activists, are calling the COP 21 agreement a wholesale “fraud”.


Hilariously, the irony is lost on Socialist Climate activists, like Naomi Klein, that the reason why the COP 21 agreement is a fraud probably has a lot to do with the fact that man-made Climate Change is itself a fraud. But don’t tell them that, their collective heads just might burst into flames.

Video below:

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