BREAKING: San Bernardino Jihadists Were Constructing Bombs from Christmas Tree Lights

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The San Bernadino terrorists, Syed Farook and his young bride Tashfeen Malik, were constructing bombs in their apartment using Christmas tree lights.
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What a lovely couple.
They were working on Christmas tree light bombs before the went out and shot up a Christmas party.

They were making bombs with Christmas tree lights.
The New York Times reported:


The attack is the deadliest Islamic State-inspired attack on American soil. Al Qaeda and other groups have carried out — or inspired — lethal assaults in the United States, but the Islamic State, which has a base of operations in Syria and Iraq, and carried out the attack on Paris that killed 130 people last month, has turned into a leading terrorism threat with spreading influence around the world.

What began as a local police response to gunfire in San Bernardino turned into a global investigation into the deadliest terrorist assault in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, an inquiry being headed by the F.B.I. and stretching from California to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It is also the nation’s worst mass shooting in almost three years, since the slaughter at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn…

Among the components investigators seized from the couple’s house were items common to the manufacture of pipe bombs but also “miniature Christmas tree lamps.” A recent issue of Inspire, an online magazine published by an arm of Al Qaeda, included an article, “Designing a Timed Hand Grenade,” with step-by-step instructions for making a delayed igniter with a Christmas tree lamp.

A recent issue of Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine instructed jihadists in the art of making bombs from Christmas tree lights.

Inspire’s issue number 14, posted this September, included a step-by-step tutorial offering an update on the familiar pipe-bomb concept. The leading image for the article, entitled “Designing a Timed Hand Grenade,” is shown above. The pages that followed, partial excerpt below, included detailed guidance in how to repurpose a small Christmas tree lamp by converting it to an electrically-powered igniter with a brief delay. (The article immediately followed another entitled “Assassination at a Workplace.”)

Here is an image from the magazine.
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