BREAKING: ISIS PARIS TERRORIST Recruited Fighters at Hungarian Migrant Camp (Video)

Breaking: ISIS Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam reportedly recruited fighters at a Hungarian migrant camp.

ISIS Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam went to Hungary in late September and met up with two of the migrants.
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Abdeslam brought the two “refugees” back to France.

** Obama still wants to bring in Syrian “refugees” to America.


The two migrants had passports from Syria and were brought back to France. They were two of the three suicide bombers who terrorized the city of Paris on November 13, 2015.

The Daily Mail has more:

A suspected ringleader of the deadly Paris attacks travelled to Hungary where he ‘recruited a team’ from unregistered migrants passing through the country, government officials say.

Salah Abdeslam, who remains on the run from European authorities, is believed to have visited Budapest’s Keleti station, then left the country with the team he pulled together.

The development comes as evidence grows that ISIS jihadis are passing through Greece and the Balkans hidden among refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict.

Janos Lazar, the chief of staff to Hungary’s prime minister, told reporters: ‘I can confirm that one of the main organisers of the Paris terror attacks was in Budapest.’

Although he refused to name the man, or say if those he recruited in Hungary had participated in the Paris attacks, a government source later confirmed the recruiter in question was Abdeslam.
Mr Lazar also stated the migrants he was recruiting had refused to register with Hungarian authorities.

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