Breaking: Disney Parks, SeaWorld Announce New Security Measures for Holiday Season

Disney Parks, SeaWorld and Universal announced new security measures for the holiday season this year.

This comes after recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.
FOX News reported:

Officials at Disney theme parks in Florida and California announced Thursday they were boosting security and banning toy guns, as SeaWorld in Orlando confirmed it was taking similar steps to protect tourists.

Disney parks are adding metal detectors and deploying more security guards and trained dogs, the company confirms. In addition to the toy gun ban, workers are removing the items from its shops, including squirt guns.

Also, guests who are 14 and older will no longer be able to wear costumes to the parks.

The increased security is taking effect at Walt Disney World in Orlando, as well as Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California. Company officials said in a statement, “We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate.”

Universal Studios was also adding metal detectors at its parks in Orlando and Hollywood, California, Orlando Sentinel reports.

In addition, SeaWorld Orlando is boosting its security presence at the park for the holidays, officials told Fox News, adding, “Guests entering SeaWorld Orlando can also expect thorough bag checks as well as wand metal detector checks.”

None of the parks made clear exactly how long the new security procedures would last.

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