Unreal. Judge Allows Student Back on Campus After He Threatened to Murder 16 Whites

Jabari Dean, a 21 year-old engineering student, threatened to execute 16 white students on campus on Monday morning.
jabari dean

Jabari was released by authorities to his mother on Tuesday.
jabari dean
Jabari Dean (c.) leaves the U.S. Dirksen Federal Courthouse Tuesday with his lawyer (l.). (DNA Info)

A federal judge allowed Jabari Dean back on campus after he threatened to murder the white students.
DNA Info reported:


Officials and family members said they didn’t think Dean had the means to commit the crimes he threatened. His uncle couldn’t say why he targeted the Hyde Park school.

“Why did he pick the University of Chicago? I don’t know. It’s silly,” Rutherford said.

Dean and his family members did not comment as they left the U.S. Dirksen Federal Courthouse Tuesday.

Although the judge allowed him to attend class, Bill Burton, a spokesman for UIC, declined to comment on whether he would be allowed to return or what disciplinary actions Dean may face at the school.

“Whenever a student faces criminal charges they may also face disciplinary measures,” Burton said.

The university, U. of C. Laboratory School, charter schools and other institutions on campus resumed normal hours on Tuesday morning.

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