Black Lives Matter Leader Shaun King Called Out For Plagiarism

shaun king

Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King has been accused of copying an article and sharing it on Facebook without attribution.

Chuck Ross reports at the Daily Caller:

New York Daily News Columnist Shaun King Gets Called Out For Plagiarism

New York Daily News writer Shaun King has been called out for plagiarism after he copied a blog post verbatim and posted it on his massively popular Facebook page without giving attribution to its true author.

In a post on King’s Facebook page on Sunday, Carlos Miller, who operates the blog “Photography Is Not A Crime,” wrote: “Shaun King, please link to my article if you are going to cut and paste my article into your FB post. I’m sure as a writer, you understand.”

King has a huge Facebook following of more than 184,000 users. That fan base generates tons of traffic for his posts at The Daily News, where King reportedly earns a six-figure salary.

King seems like a dishonest person.

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