Bernie Sanders Fans Abuse Trump Supporters Leaving Rally RACISTS! SEXISTS! (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders Fans

A Donald Trump campaign rally in Aiken, South Carolina was interrupted by protesters on Saturday.

The protesters, several wearing Bernie Sanders campaign shirts and stickers, were removed from the venue but gathered in the parking lot to continue protesting.
Bernie Supporters

Two of the protesters displayed an anarchist flag.


Instead of focusing their protest on Trump however, they began to rant about Trump’s supporters. Judging all 3,000 people at the rally and pronouncing them bigots simply for attending.

One protester can be heard saying:

“Anyone who wants to vote for him is a bigot too…. There’s 3,000 racist homophobes in there”

Once the rally let out the protesters were unable to contain the vitriol. They began screaming at the crowd, some through megaphones, from just feet away.

“Racists! Sexists! Xenophobes!”

Watch the video here and feel the tolerance.


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