Ben Shapiro Shut Down By Principal For Saying Some Poor People SUCK WITH MONEY (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Ben Shapiro Speech

This is a must-watch video.
Conservative writer Ben Shapiro was giving a speech to an audience of high School students in California but was interrupted by the principal over some frank comments on poverty.

The principal clearly thought Shapiro’s realistic analysis was offensive.


NewsBusters describes how things went down:

Real Life PC Principal Interrupts Ben Shapiro Speech

A capacity crowd of over 450 students turned out to hear the speech, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, at the largely-minority public school. They listened with interest – until a school administrator, Dean Nafarrete, dismissed the students halfway through the speech, telling them that Shapiro’s conservatism “crossed a line.”

Shapiro added that America’s permanent poor were not poor because they had been exploited by wealthier Americans, but because permanently poor Americans are typically not good with money, which is why lottery winners with a history of poverty largely fall back into poverty after spending their winnings.

“The reason people are permanently poor in the United States,” Shapiro said, “isn’t because they don’t have money, it’s because they suck with money. The reasons people are temporarily poor can vary.” As a rumble ran through the crowd, Shapiro continued, “That’s not even controversial. If you’re permanently poor [in America] for your entire life, you’re not great with money by definition…”

That’s when Nafarrete stepped in and dismissed the students. “I’m sorry, Mr. Shapiro,” he said, “I’m at a point right now, where, quite frankly, I’m going to dismiss the students… With all due respect, Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Shapiro represents a narrative that he’s providing to all you guys based on his opinions, what he believes, what he wants to share with all of you.

Watch it all below:

Would Shapiro have been interrupted if he said that America is a rich country and that no one should be poor?

Politicians like Bernie Sanders get standing ovations for pushing garbage like that on a daily basis.

Quick! Everyone get to your safe space!

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