Barbaric: ISIS Used Body Hair to Determine Which Boys to Slaughter

A ten year-old Yazidi slave boy told a Western reporter this week he was spared death from ISIS because he was too young to have armpit hair.

Islamic State soldiers lined up the boys from Kocho, Iraq and murdered all of the children with armpit hair. The younger boys were turned into child soldiers.
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At least 80 Iraqis were slaughtered when ISIS took Kocho in August, 2014.

The boy also said his two “younger” sisters were spared to be sold as sex slaves.
The Daily Mail reported, via Religion of Peace:


A Yazidi slave who was forced to become an ISIS child soldier has told how his life was spared because he didn’t have any armpit hair.

Ahmed Aslef was just ten years old when jihadi gunmen stormed the Iraqi village of Kocho, lined them up and massacred around 800 men, women and children last year.

He said the youngsters were told to raise their arms and those without underarm hair were judged too young to be murdered.

Those who did were ruled to be older than ten and shot on the spot, he added.

They were instead recruited into the terror group’s notorious youth wing, known as the Cubs of the Caliphate, to be groomed into sadistic killers.

His two young sisters also survived, but only to be sold as sex slaves along with other members of his family in the cities of Mosul and Raqqa.

Speaking to Lara Whyte from the International Business Times, Ahmed said: ‘With Daesh (ISIS), I didn’t go to school with girls. I didn’t learn maths.

‘I was a very good boy. We learned how to use weapons. We learned how to throw grenades very far away. And we ran a lot for a long time.’

Hundreds of child soldiers have been shockingly indoctrinated into the bloodthirsty jihadi group’s sickening ideology since it captured swathes of Iraq and Syria last year.

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