Angry Muslim Lawmaker Forced to Apologize After Screaming Profanities on Air While Discussing Donald Trump (Audio)

Angry Muslim Yasmin Qureshi, a far left British lawmaker, was forced to apologize after dropping an F-bomb on morning radio while discussing Donald Trump.

Qureshi wants Trump banned from Great Britain for linking Islam to terrorism.
The Daily Mail reported, via Religion of Peace:

A Muslim Labour MP was forced to apologise today after she said ‘f*cking paki b*tch’ as she tried to explain why Donald Trump should be banned from Britain.

Yasmin Qureshi was warned about her language after she repeated a racial slur on national radio when she spoke of the vile abuse she had faced in the past.

Ms Qureshi told 5Live Breakfast listeners that the billionaire tycoon was inciting hatred towards British people with his comments about banning Muslim immigrants and no-go areas in Britain.

She said: ‘He needs to know that what he is saying is unacceptable — this is not a discussion of ideas, what we are addressing is offensiveness.

‘It’s like me walking along the street and someone calls me a “f*cking paki b*tch” or something like that – I have been called that by the way’.

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