America’s Wealthiest County Disproportionately Populated By GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES


Progressives constantly talk about the mythical gender pay gap, but they never seem to acknowledge the actual pay gap that exists between government workers and private sector employees.

CNS News reports:

The “county” that the Census Bureau reported yesterday had the highest median household income in the nation in 2014 is disproportionately populated by people who work for the government.

The City of Falls Church, Va.–which the Census Bureau treats as a “county” because it is an independent city that is not a part of any county—had a median household income of $125,635 in 2014.

That put it first on the Census Bureau’s list of the 30 counties in the nation with the highest median incomes.

It really does pay to live off the American taxpayer.


Image: (GewUSA)

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