“Absolute Scum”: At SC Rally, Trump Rips Media, Calls Out NBC’s Katy Tur for False Reporting

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called out NBC News reporter Katy Tur at a campaign rally in South Carolina Monday night for a blatantly false report by her that Trump was driven from the stage at a rally last week after he was repeatedly interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Katy Tur Twitter Avatar
NBC reporter Katy Tur, image via Twitter.

Tur, along with CBS News report Sopan Deb, falsely reported that Trump “abruptly” ended his speech and left the stage after being interrupted for the tenth time during a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina last Friday. Tur’s false report was gleefully reported by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow during her show Friday night.


What actually happened was Trump was making closing remarks after making a speech and taking questions for nearly fifty minutes when another protester heckled him. Trump waited for the protester to be removed from the Dorton Arena by security and then resumed his remarks. Trump spoke for another thirty seconds, finishing at his own pace without further interruption. Trump then spent a long time shaking hands and signing autographs at the front of the stage.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted The Gateway Pundit article about NBC and CBS lying about the previous night’s rally. Trump also tweeted a thank you note to TGP.

TGP was the first outlet to report on the attempt by two of the major broadcast networks to smear Trump with a lie. Rush Limbaugh reported about this during his radio show Monday.

Monday night at a rally held at the USS Yorktown in Charleston, South Carolina Trump singled out Tur to the audience, informing them about her false reporting and that she was in attendance covering the rally–provoking loud boos from the audience.


“…I guarantee you that young woman who just got taken out after interrupting us three times, I guarantee the cameras will be on her. I guarantee. It’s disgusting, disgusting.

“So we’re taking about the media, and by the way some of the media’s terrific. But most of it, seventy percent, seventy-five percent is absolute dishonest, absolute scum. Remember that–scum! They’re totally dishonest people.

“I had one the other day where I finished a speech and they said, “Oh, Trump was interrupted and he left early.” Like, uh, I spoke for forty-five, fifty minutes. I then answered question, questions. And then I went around to –you know, everybody knew it was false.

“Amazingly there’s a media group that calls the media. And the next day they did the most beautiful story about what a lie it was from NBC.

“She’s back there–little Katy–she’s back there. What a lie it was, no, what a lie, Katy Tur, what a lie it was from NBC to have written that, it was a total lie.

“And they did a story where they, I didn’t know they had a group like this, where they actually criticized the media and they said it was a total lie. And I love you, I love you, I love you.

“And then other people pick it up, you know it’s NBC so somebody picks it up.

“Third rate reporter, remember that, third rate, third.”

(Transcribed by Kristinn Taylor.)

Tur posted a couple tweets about Trump’s comments about her, but did not mention why he was calling her out.

“”Most of the media is absolute scum” – Trump”

“Awww. Women in the crowd are giving me sympathetic looks.”

Tur stopped tweeting from the rally while it was still ongoing about fifteen minutes after Trump called her out for her dishonest reporting.

Her last tweet from the rally was at 7:46 p.m. EST

“”There’s unbelievable love in this room. I love you, too.” – Trump”

TV Newser reported that Tur spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews during the rally, but was unable to hear his question about being called out by Trump.

“At the end of Hardball, as Trump continued to speak, Chris Matthews asked Tur if she is “used to the trash talk” from Trump. Tur couldn’t hear Matthews’ question, and instead talked about how well Trump’s idea to ban muslim entry in the U.S. was received. “The crowd went wild,” Tur reported. “A standing ovation.””

Tur also did a stand-up report for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes after the rally in which she spoke about audience reaction to Trump’s call for a national security pause to Muslim immigration. Tur did not mention Trump calling her out.

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