It Begins… Top GOP Lobbyist and Former Governor Compares Trump to ISIS

They’ve reached a new low–
The Republican establishment is drawing up contingency plans as it looks more likely that Donald Trump may become the nominee. But that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it.

dallas trump rally
A Trump rally in Dallas

Former Republican Nevada Governor Robert List, a lobbyist, compared Trump to ISIS saying,

“People are reluctant to take him on because he lashes back like ISIS.”

So now the GOPe is comparing him to ISIS?
isis swingset

CNN reported:

Senior GOP officials have been reticent to publicly scold Trump, particularly as the candidate has continued to dangle the threat of a third-party run.

“People are reluctant to take him on because he lashes back like ISIS,” said former Nevada Republican Gov. Robert List, who believes there’s only a “small chance” that Trump becomes the nominee. “He has a wicked tongue and no reluctance to use it.”

List also warned about the long-term damage that a Trump victory would unleash on the GOP.

“He’s the typical sort of person that historically folks thought of as a typical Republican — wealthy, country club guy who has a strong will and doesn’t listen a lot to hard working folks,” List said. “I don’t think that’s the kind of a symbol that we want to put forth.”

Nevertheless, party leaders are beginning to lay out contingency plans for a Trump victory.

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