WOW! Neil Cavuto Embarrasses Student Who Wants Free College and Has No Idea How to Pay for It (VIDEO)

Socialists are holding marches today across the US for free college education.

It’s called the Million Student March for free stuff.
million student march

The Socialist youths want you to pay for their free education so they can focus on more important things like social justice, defeatinging mansplaining, race protests and naked Twister.


Neil Cavuto invited Keely Mullen, one of the youth organizers, on his show to explain the plan the latest liberal plan to tax the rich. Then he utterly embarrassed the poor woman.
Obviously, the math departments at American universities are failing.

Keely says the 1% are hoarding the wealth and causing the catastrophe in America.

Hat Tip Dana Loesch

Via Cavuto:

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