WOW! German Officials Propose Forcing Youth to Service Muslim Migrant Invaders (VIDEO)

German lawmaker for the CDU, Eckhard Rehberg, has proposed legislation that will force college graduates to either join the military or serve the millions of new Muslim migrant invaders.

german youth
The proposed rule will give relief to the overworked volunteers who tend to the needs of the migrant population.

The German youths will be required to perform compulsory labor with migrants or join the military–
Either one year of military service or one year of migrant service.
“>Gates of Vienna reported:

Not only do Germans have to put up with hostile illiterate Muslim “refugees” who crowd their public spaces and leave filth in their wake. Not only do they have to endure increased levels of assault, theft, rape, and other crimes. Not only are they forced to keep quiet about it all, to shut their mouths if they don’t want to be prosecuted and/or lose their jobs.

Now it looks like they’ll be forced into the service of the migrants. Under this new proposal, after graduation their choice will be either military service or abject dhimmi servitude to the new Muslim Herrenvolk

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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