World Leaders Focus on Mankind’s Greatest Threat=> Global Warming Junk Science Summit Kicks Off in Paris

World Leaders are meeting in Paris this week to focus on the greatest threat facing mankind — Islamic terrorism Global Warming.
obama goof laughingstock

Obama flashed a goofy grin as he posed with leaders for photos at the summit today.
International Socialists hope the meetings will result in new constraints on capitalism.

ANTARCTIC temperatures have cooled over the past six years, according to US space agency NASA.


NASA finally admitted this fact this past month.
antarctica ice

Prince Charles kicked off the summit today.
The Daily Mail reported:

Prince Charles warned world leaders that ‘we are becoming the architects of our own destruction’ as he opened the biggest-ever climate change summit with a call for immediate action to halt global warming.

The heads of 151 nations have kicked off 12 days of talks in Paris in search of an elusive pact that would wean the world off fossil fuels, making it the largest gathering of global leaders in history.

The Prince of Wales urged them to ‘think of your grandchildren, as I think of mine’ as well as the billions of people without a voice and the youngest generation as they try to secure a new global deal.

He said: ‘If the planet were a patient, we would have treated her long ago. You, ladies and gentlemen, have the power to put her on life support and you must surely start the emergency procedures without further procrastination.

‘Humanity faces many threats but none is greater than climate change. In damaging our climate we are becoming the architects of our own destruction. We have the knowledge, the tools and the money (to solve the crisis).’

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