Viktor Orban: What is More Humane, to Close Borders to Illegal Migrants or to Risk Lives of Innocent Europeans?

Outspoken Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban addressed parliament on Monday after the ISIS Paris massacre.

Victor Orban took a great amount of heat for building a border fence to keep out the migrant invasion. The fence reduced the flow of illegal migrants from entering Hungary to zero. Austria, Latvia and Slovenia followed Hungary’s lead and announced plans for a border fence.

Orban asked parliament:
“What is more humane, to close the borders against the illegal border-crossers, or to risk the lives of innocent European citizens?


Thank God Europe has at least one common sense leader who is willing to defend the continent.

The Budapest Business Journal reported, via Vlad Tepes:

It “has been proven” that terrorists “use migration consciously and in a well-organized manner” in order to assimilate with those who leave their homes for a better life, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today in the Hungarian Parliament, after sending his condolences once again to France, national news agency MTI reported.

Orbán noted that the leaders of the European Union also knew about such dangers, as Greece said earlier that jihadists could eventually make their way into Europe.

“We do not believe that everyone who comes from there is a terrorist, but nobody can tell how many terrorists have arrived with the migrants and how many continue to arrive day by day,” the prime minister reportedly said. He added that it is even horrible to think about how many terrorists could have crossed Hungary.

He said that “migration” has many threats, and, although it is “politically incorrect” to say, “where there are high numbers of immigrants in Europe, crime statistics have increased significantly and public security has deteriorated”, MTI reported.

As France is part of the European Union, the EU has been attacked and as a member state “we are also in danger”, Orbán said. The prime minister said that the Hungarian government has widely been criticized as being inhuman for closing its borders. Orbán said: “What is inhuman? Closing the borders for illegal border crossers or risking the lives of innocent Europeans?”

Orbán said he believes that the EU is “weak, insecure and paralyzed”. He noted that “there are many discussions and conferences, but there are no solutions… we are struggling in the web of ideologies, instead of acting based on common sense and on our own culture,” MTI reported.

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