VIDEOS: POLICE RAID – HEAVY GUNFIRE in Paris Suburb St. Denis (Updates)

French police conducted a raid early Wednesday morning in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, in a reported search for the ‘ninth’ suspect in the ISIS terror attacks on Paris last Friday.

There are reports at least one law enforcement officer was wounded.

Several videos have been posted that capture the furious gun battles.

UPDATE: AFP reports “Suspects still holed up in raided apartment in northern Paris: police”

UPDATE: France Info reports the target is the Paris attack mastermind:

“Live – Abdelhamid Abaaoud, brain alleged the attacks of Paris would be entrenched with 4 accomplices in Saint-Denis housing” (Bing translation)

UPDATE: Reporter Laura Haim speaking to MSNBC from Saint-Denis says her sources told her that two terrorists have been killed and a third is still holed up in the apartment.

7:30 a.m. Paris time: Several loud explosions heard in Saint-Denis. Laura Haim reported six or seven explosions heard. Haim added police said terrorists have enough explosives to blow up building, explaining why building residents were evacuated in their night clothes.

Haim: Woman wearing a “suicide belt” reported seen in apartment with terrorists.

New reports at 7:55 p.m. Paris time that the woman in the suicide vest exploded in apartment. Not sure if she self-detonated or if police assisted. There are also reports three terrorists were arrested.

“Enregistré à 4h45 le 18 novembre 2015 à Saint-Denis. Le mur en arrière-plan est celui de l’école Jules Guesdes située rue du Corbillon

One video appears to show police in action.

Another video showed police cordoning off an intersection.

“2 to 3 men holed up in apartment. Pause in the shooting, helicopter illuminated roof top of buildings in saint Denis”

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